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Brian Randell's University Homepage. The idea for the first NATO Software Engineering Conference, and in particular that of adopting the then practically unknown term "software engineering" as its deliberately provocative title, I believe came originally from Professor Fritz Bauer. Retrieved 9 Aug Retrieved 24 May Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge.

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The total volume of cited literature is intended to be suitable for mastery through the completion of an undergraduate education plus four years of experience. Software Engineering Education and Training, Proceedings. Archived from the original PDF on National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying. Retrieved 6 August Retrieved 6 September Archived from the original PDF on May 17, At its meeting in May , the Council further concluded that the framework of a licensed professional engineer, originally developed for civil engineers, does not match the professional industrial practice of software engineering.

Such licensing practices would give false assurances of competence even if the body of knowledge were mature; and would preclude many of the most qualified software engineers from becoming licensed. Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society. Agile Alliance.

Core C++: A Software Engineering Approach

Retrieved 14 June Software engineering. Computer programming Requirements engineering Software deployment Software design Software maintenance Software testing Systems analysis Formal methods. Data modeling Enterprise architecture Functional specification Modeling language Orthogonality Programming paradigm Software Software archaeology Software architecture Software configuration management Software development methodology Software development process Software quality Software quality assurance Software verification and validation Structured analysis.

Dijkstra Delores M. Computer science Computer engineering Project management Risk management Systems engineering. Category Commons. Systems engineering. Aerospace engineering Biological systems engineering Configuration management Earth systems engineering and management Electrical engineering Enterprise systems engineering Performance engineering Reliability engineering Safety engineering.

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Requirements engineering Functional specification System integration Verification and validation Design review. James S. Albus Ruzena Bajcsy Benjamin S. Veloso John N. Control engineering Computer engineering Industrial engineering Operations research Project management Quality management Risk management Software engineering. Engineering Aerospace engineering Civil engineering Electrical and electronics engineering Mechanical engineering Structural engineering.

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List of engineering branches Category:Engineering Engineering portal. Computer science. Computer architecture Embedded system Real-time computing Dependability. Network architecture Network protocol Network components Network scheduler Network performance evaluation Network service. Interpreter Middleware Virtual machine Operating system Software quality.

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Programming paradigm Programming language Compiler Domain-specific language Modeling language Software framework Integrated development environment Software configuration management Software library Software repository. Software development process Requirements analysis Software design Software construction Software deployment Software maintenance Programming team Open-source model. Model of computation Formal language Automata theory Computational complexity theory Logic Semantics.

Algorithm design Analysis of algorithms Algorithmic efficiency Randomized algorithm Computational geometry. Discrete mathematics Probability Statistics Mathematical software Information theory Mathematical analysis Numerical analysis.

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Database management system Information storage systems Enterprise information system Social information systems Geographic information system Decision support system Process control system Multimedia information system Data mining Digital library Computing platform Digital marketing World Wide Web Information retrieval. Cryptography Formal methods Security services Intrusion detection system Hardware security Network security Information security Application security. Interaction design Social computing Ubiquitous computing Visualization Accessibility.

Concurrent computing Parallel computing Distributed computing Multithreading Multiprocessing. Natural language processing Knowledge representation and reasoning Computer vision Automated planning and scheduling Search methodology Control method Philosophy of artificial intelligence Distributed artificial intelligence. Supervised learning Unsupervised learning Reinforcement learning Multi-task learning Cross-validation. E-commerce Enterprise software Computational mathematics Computational physics Computational chemistry Computational biology Computational social science Computational engineering Computational healthcare Digital art Electronic publishing Cyberwarfare Electronic voting Video games Word processing Operations research Educational technology Document management.

Spiral Process - Georgia Tech - Software Development Process

Categories : Software engineering Engineering disciplines. Examples Using the Shift Operators.

The Bitwise Assignment Operators. Syntax of an array declaration. Because p points to a long int four bytes are set. Storage of a string. Structure allocation without alignment restrictions. A singly linked list. Legal and Illegal Declarations in C. The C Preprocessor. Input and Output.

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    Control Flow. Reserved Names. FAQ Policy. Show all. Functions Pages Darnell, Peter A. Show next xx. Read this book on SpringerLink. Recommended for you. Darnell Philip E.